Nathan Fillion Stars as Nathan Drake in a Live-Action ‘Uncharted’ Short Film

Lets face it most video game film adaptations are typically not great. Some are better than others but over the years they normally haven’t lived up to the wishful thinking of the dedicated fans of the franchises they portray.

All that could change if the Hollywood executives would listen to the fans suggestions when it comes to a live-action ‘Uncharted’ featured film. It has been a project that has been stirring for quite some time now.

Fans of the Naughty Dog game franchise have long been hoping that fan favorite Nathan Fillion could fill he role of the humorous treasure hunter Nathan Drake. Unfortunately Sony went with Tom Holland instead to tell the origin story of Drake. It has also been rumored that Holland would like to have Chris Pratt on board to portray Sully, the mentor that Drake looks up to before becoming sidekicks. The ironic thing about Pratt becoming Sully is the background of the character, especially if Pratt goes on to become Indiana Jones! Ha.

The thing is Fillion feels and looks the part of Nathan Drake. Hell they even have the same first name! This honestly feels like a role Fillion was born to take on. Now for the first time, director Allan Unger has taken it upon himself to give us a sneak peek at what could be if Fillion filled the shoes of Drake – and boy does this short film proof-of-concept deliver the goods! It looks fantastic and so does the supporting cast.

I doubt the short will truly lead to anything, but if nothing else it gives us a glimpse at the direction we all think Sony should take when pursuing an ‘Uncharted’ live-action film! Check it out for yourself below!