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Description:  Are you a news junkie waiting for the next trailer, cast announcement or rumor? Want to have your own featured blog? Then we want you to join the BOOM HOWDY team! We need help reporting breaking news for film, tv, viral stories and listicles.  The type of content could vary. One story could be reporting pop culture with a humorist twist or debuting a new indie film trailer. As a new columnist the possibilities of what you write about are endless.

News stories could be as simple as posting a press release from a publicist or providing commentary to a news story you found on another site. Make it your own and cite the source. Please send any samples of your work you have written for other sites or a link to your own blog.

Develop your voice with your own blog. You don’t have to create your own blog but if you do we want unique ideas that stand. Bring some ideas to the table when applying for the position.


Description: Are you a film junkie? Is your DVR flooded with your favorite TV shows? Perfect. Start writing for us! You’ll be asked to review new film releases and TV shows on a weekly basis. If you choose to accept this position you will get early access to screeners and invites to advanced screenings in the KC or LA area. In addition to access to films early you may also get opportunities to interview actors & actresses associated with the film.

Be sure to send examples of reviews you have submitted to websites in the past. Reviews MUST be at least 4 paragraphs long.



Description: Do you have a hot sports take that you need to get off your chest and dump on someone elses? Yup I just used dump and chest in the same sentence and if you caught that then this position might be for you! We are looking for someone to report on SPORTS! Baseball, football, basketball even sports that don’t have balls like hockey and WWE wrestling. Give us absurd predictions or a hot sports take on the issues surround the sports world. Like what it’s like for Josh Gordon to work at a Car Lot – or why you’re fantasy football team sucks. Wh

On a rare occasion you may get special access to players or sporting events.  Please send examples of any work you have done in the past.


Description: BOOM HOWDY is currently looking for people that are good on the mic. We are trying to develop 3 podcast shows that will become part of the BOOM HOWDY NETWORK under the GRUNDY MEDIA brands. You don’t have to be present to record the podcast. Instead you can join your co-hosts via Skype to record live then edit in post production. Your podcast will appear on and on iTunes as part of the BOOM HOWDY NETWORK. On occassion you may have opportunities to interview celebs and athletes. If you already have a podcast please send us examples of your work.

Show Formats Openings:
– Comedy (2)
– Sports (2)
– Film & TV (2)