Kristen Stewart In Talks To Head LGBTQ Rom-Com ‘The Happiest Season’

Regardless of how you may feel about her, Kristen Stewart has come a long from just being “that girl from Twilight”. She’s spent the last few years blazing a rebound, by starring and appearing in numerous indie films. The majority of which have left audiences and critics applauding her performances. So, eventually that meant she had to make a film which, at least on the page, sounds like your regular filler studio picture. Variety is reporting that Stewart is in talks to headline an LGBTQ project called The Happiest Season.

According to the news outlet, the film will “the story of a young woman whose plan to propose to her girlfriend while at her family’s annual holiday party is upended when she discovers her partner hasn’t yet come out to her conservative parents.” You can easily see how that sounds cooked up by your average movie executive. Throw in some gross-out gags, some high profile talent as the leads and a sound track that’s guaranteed to sell a lot of copies. Boom! Minor early-summer sleeper!

What sets The Happiest Season potentially apart, is who wrote it. Clea DuVall and Mary Holland, to be exact. While most will be familiar with DuVall work in The Craft or Veep, Holland might be harder to place. Very much a “that girl” character actress, if you looked her up, you’d place her immediately. DuVall is planning to pull double duty on the film, eyeing to direct. It’ll mark the second time she’s written and directed a feature, after 2016’s The Intervention.

Another big aspect to The Happiest Season is that it won’t be some piddly little production. TriStar Pictures snagged the worldwide rights to the film, a few months back. That means this will have a big marketing push, while hopefully not changing any of the existing beats of the narrative. Something always in the back of the mind, when it comes to pictures like this. Again, on the page this whole thing sounds like it would end up being with the broadest sense of humor imaginable. With the talent involved though, it could be something rather special.

Since this one has a holiday setting, we aren’t likely to see it in theaters until next November, at earliest. We’ll post a follow up, once a trailer or poster becomes available. It’ll also be very interesting to see who gets tapped to play the conservative parents. More on this, as it develops.