‘Hitman’ Has His Sights Set on Hulu

Fans of Agent 47 are being treated to an early Christmas present this year. While the developer of the hugely popular game continues to crank out the sequel to the last installment, Deadline reported that Derek Kolstad – creator and writer of John Wick – will begin writing a series for Fox 21 and Hulu.

The franchise has been adapted twice before for the big screen, in 2007 with Hitman starring and again in 2015 with Hitman: Agent 47.

The plan for Fox 21 and Hulu is to stick as close to the source material of the video game franchise as possible, potentially paralleling Hitman’s (2016) episodic format.

Joining Kolstad in shouldering executive producer duties will be Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon, producers of the cinematic releases of Hitman and Hitman: Agent 47, respectively.

There has been no timeline as to when the streaming series is set to premiere.