Adult Swim Planning An Anime Series Taking Place In The ‘Blade Runner’ Universe

If you didn’t see earlier this week, Netflix dropped some bombshells when it came to their future anime offerings. First they announced they’d be streaming Neon Genesis Evangelion in 2019. Then they revealed a slate of shows they’re releasing next year as well. Turns out they aren’t the only ones with anime news op their sleeve this week. THR says Adult Swim is developing a show set within the world of Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049.

The series, entitled Black Lotus, set to run for 13 and will take place in 2032. That’s all the info we’ve got, right now. Well, other than “familiar faces” from within the franchise may be popping up. Transitioning the existing world over to anime makes lots of sense here. The art style is vibrant. It’s got a neo-noir futuristic setting. The conflict of humans and synths co-existing, is a time honored anime staple. Heck, even Shinichiro Watanabe directed a short on the 2049 blu-ray.

Speaking of Watanabe, whose Cowboy Bebop is getting the live-action Netflix treatment, he’ll serve as Black Lotus‘s creative producer. That’s not the only connection to stories from earlier in the week though. Directing all episodes will be none other than Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama. If you’ve been following along at home (or clicked on the link up top), then you already know they’re the ones doing the new Ultraman show. There’s almost too much talent involved in a series we know little to nothing about.

When it comes to watching Black Lotus (whenever it gets released), Adult Swim will air it as part of their Toonami block. Crunchyroll will be in charge of worldwide streaming. A word to the wise in the US, who may have picky viewing habits. Adult Swim will only be showing an English dubbed version. That may not seem like a big thing, but you’d be surprised.

What do you think of this news, dear readers? Are you always game for more stories set within the Blade Runner universe? Are you an anime fan who is over the moon this week? The comments are open and awaiting your say. In the mean time, check out Blackout 2020, the short by Watanabe, mentioned above, for an idea as to what this may end up looking like.